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My business involves face to face training and workshops which is now on hold.

Even though I understand the need to take my business online, I wouldn't know where to start. 


I have reached out for some support and Matt took the time to explain at length what are the options and steps I need to take. He was very prompt in giving me support, explained everything patiently and gave me a few possible options to choose from. At the end of the meeting I felt more confident and the future looked brighter. The support and advice I received exceeded my expectations!

It's a nice feeling to know that there are people out there helping SME survive this crisis.

Thank you Matt!


"Thank you for your support and expert advice. Great service. Onwards and upwards!"

Michael Bainbridge, Alchemist Consultants

'During this climate I have been reading, watching and listening to hours and hours of content online to support myself & business, however, a simple email to Mr. Ammar Mirza CBE was followed with a response we should have a video chat.

He kindly agreed to schedule a call the same week and a few days later I was having a video conference call. After a 20 minutes into the conversation, the value of the information, insight and support I received for my next steps was invaluable, showing me opportunities' and avenues' to finance my venture at hand.


For any businesses seeking support, guidance and to thrive within this climate, I would suggest reaching out and seeing what support can be tailored towards your venture.


Mr. M. EL-Dharrat - Director of Your VR Stylist - 4D, VR & Machine Learning in an immersive shopping experience.


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