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How Businesses Can Use Social Media For Marketing

Social media has quickly become one of the most cost-effective methods for marketing. The marketing features available on social media allow you to carry out marketing campaigns in a way that you may never have done before. This is because social media tracks all the activity on your business page, and you can use this data to fine tune your campaigns and achieve greater results. Remember, businesses grow from data so it’s vital that you’re extracting this data and monitoring it continuously to improve future campaigns.

Utilising Facebook Paid Ads

One of the main attractions to social media marketing is Facebook adverts. Creating a paid advert on Facebook can allow any business to meet their objectives.

Objectives you can meet through Facebook ads:

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Increase reach

  • Increase engagement

  • Receive more video views

  • Generate leads

  • Increase Conversions

With such a wide range of objectives available, Facebook ads are the most universal form of marketing when it comes to social media. There are also more than 3 billion users on Facebook, so you are likely to find your target audience on Facebook. In addition to this, Facebook also has a huge amount of data available because of their large user base.

Can I access data and is this important for me?

Yes, you can access this data and it is the most valuable asset for your marketing activities. The audience insights tool on Facebook will allow you to find people within your target audience who might find value in your ad and would therefore interact with your ad.

Taking an alternative approach through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that could add a lot of value to your marketing efforts, however, it may not be the right platform for your business. LinkedIn is a perfect platform for any B2B business. The tonality and messages on LinkedIn are professional so you must take a lot of care when creating content as it will differ from Facebook quite a lot. The audience on LinkedIn are often searching for content that will add value to their business or career.

What is the best approach to take on LinkedIn? Creating blogs and video tutorials is a very effective approach to take on LinkedIn because it’s engaging content that will add a lot of value to your audience. Use blogs to share insights into your industry and your business, as well as, providing tips and tricks that will help your audience. Rich content like this will keep your audience coming back for more every week. The bonus of sharing blogs on LinkedIn is that you can start generating more traffic towards your website and this is the ultimate end goal for your social media efforts.

Microblogging to the masses on Twitter

Once again, the style of marketing on Twitter changes from Facebook and LinkedIn. Pushing out promotional material that focuses on selling will not gain any real traction for your business. Twitter is a microblogging site and people want to use this platform to find out interesting updates and insights. Start pushing out content that provides your audience with live updates on your business and takes them behind the scenes. This type of content fits the style of Twitter and adds an element of exclusivity for your audience. With this element of exclusivity, you will start to build a larger following in no time!

Instagram Insider

Instagram is very similar to LinkedIn in the sense that it may not be right for your business. However, if Instagram is a good fit for your business then the effectiveness of this platform is huge. Instagram is a visual platform which means you must produce attractive content to get any sort of traction. The businesses that benefit the most from Instagram are the ones who offer a very visual product or service. For example, an interior designer will get a huge return on investment from Instagram because they have a huge range of designs that they want to share with the world. A photographer is another great example of this. Photographers can use Instagram to generate a portfolio of their work to demonstrate the quality of service they offer.

What next for my business?

If you are looking to start social media marketing for your business, the four platforms mentioned above are the major players when it comes to marketing. Getting started on these platforms will be a great beginning for your online marketing efforts. Focus on building a presence on one platform before moving onto multiple platforms.

Now is a great time to work on building resources that focus on the customer and brings a lot of value to their lives for no cost. Posting these resources through your social media pages will give you a great opportunity to start building a meaningful audience that you can start to engage with over the coming weeks and build trust with them.

If you are looking for marketing support during this period, please do reach out. You can submit a form here to give us a better understanding of the type of support that you are looking for.

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